Thursday, April 5, 2012

What To See In Austria

Salzburg, Austria
Austria should be on top of your list of places you would like to visit in this world. Located near the Alps, every skier wants to visit Austria and take advantage of its steep landscape and snow. However, this is not the only reason why this county is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Most tourists can not get enough of its breathtaking scenery, historical buildings, museums and its vast mountains. In addition, it is the birthplace of Mozart and the home to the Opera House. These are just a few of what to see in Austria.
Austria has a wide range of attractions to suit the needs of different tourists. If you are a horse lover, for instance, you will appreciate the Spanish Riding School which is located in Vienna. Here you will meet expert horse riders who use their horses for entertainment. While you are still in Vienna you should take the opportunity to visit the Ambras Castle which is located in the Innsbruck city that is located near Vienna.  The castle houses ancient paintings, statues and great pieces of furniture. This house is divided into different halls and each hall has some things which might hold your interest.
While you are in Austria you should also take time to visit the Werfen Ice Caves which are considered to be the largest caves in the world. The cave covers 40 kilometers but you can only go up to 1 kilometer and still get to see fantastic wall carvings and paintings. When you are here you can also take time to visit some of the places Mozart is believed to have frequented when he was alive. Your visit to Austria will not be complete until you have seen the country’s magnificent mountains. These mountains are famous with skiers who get an opportunity to practice in thousands of miles of snow. If you are not a skier you can still enjoy watching the sun rise from these mountains. This will be a memorable experience in your life.
There are many places you can visit in Austria as the country has a lot to show off for. From the Opera House, vast mountains, cafes, museums and magnificent buildings, there is no end to what to see in Austria. Any person who is planning to go to Austria should take time to conduct a little research online. Make sure the place you will be staying has hotels and means of transport for convenience.

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