Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where To Go On Your Honeymoon?

Surely both men and women dream of an unforgettable wedding - with a beautiful dress, a special restaurant, sweet moments, and happy guests. But not only the wedding night should be fabulous, but the honeymoon as well, those few days / weeks you spend with your new life partner after the wedding. I think we should invest more in this period (and I do not mean money), because it is the beginning of the marriage.

So here are some European destinations great for a wedding like in the ... Movies! Whether you are passionate about adventure travel, sensual nights, exotic beaches and a tranquil location, without the tumult tourists make, here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Santiago del Teide, Tenerife

When you say Tenerife, you’re probably thinking of luxury resorts and beaches, right? But you could spend your honeymoon in a village at 1000 m altitude, in a fabulous village that is, on the crest of Mount Teide.

Here you go by local transport, very punctual, and mask the village you will find a small and cozy hotel. The view from the window is breathtaking: mountains down in Ocean and orange fruit load. A quiet, warm and unmatched fragrance. What can you do? Hike in the mountains, boat trips and you can pick some oranges.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
It is a city in Croatia, at the Adriatic Sea and one of the newest and most popular holiday resorts for tourists. If you can go to Tenerife all year round, here you’ll have to come from June through August, if you want to bathe in the sea. But it is also the busiest time of year. So I recommend October for landscapes, artistic photos and a honeymoon to remember.

Genoa, Italy

An Italian town located on the Mediterranean Sea that draws you through the architecture and the tranquility and the beautiful view of the "La Lanterna" lighthouse.
Recommended Period: end of September (hot weather and you do not bump into many tourists). Prices are excellent - you can enjoy the best dishes based on seafood and pasta, and local drinks. Narrow streets of Old Town are very romantic, you can rent a boat for short trips, and since the city lies on high hills, you can take some great pictures.

Naples and Amalfitana Coast

For this I recommend the months from October to November, even if it's hot, but you escape the crowds of Japanese tourists and the outrageous prices. A small hotel in Positano can be all you need - the view is lovely and fragrant air. Here you will eat the best pizza in the world and you will have the most romantic moments of your life.


It is a small town 100 km from Barcelona, ​​where you can get to by train. The train station is right on the beach, hotels are elegant and discreet, the scent of orange trees is in the air, and the beach is excellent. Pine forests, palm trees, beautiful parks and old buildings conjure a less touristic landscape, but you will spend days and nights like in fairytales. I recommend early October for a honeymoon here.


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