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What To Do In Kiev

Kiev, is the largest city and the capital of Ukraine, is considered to be the city with the oldest places of worship in the former Soviet space, some of them dating from the 11th century.

The most beautiful sights of Kiev are old churches, most of them being the most important in the Orthodox religion, as in Kiev began the christening of Russia and the Orthodox religion.

Chernobyl Museum, set up on April 26, 1992, tells the story of the accident at Chernobyl that remains the most severe radiological disaster in the history of humanity.

The House with chimeras, characterized by sophisticated architectural forms, pipes shaped as elephant horns, giant sea, mermaids and other figures which are built of cement, by Wladislaw Kyivite Horodecki, is considered to be the most unique structure in Kiev.

At the National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War you will be able to see over 300,000 exhibits.

The statue of Mother Motherland, with a height of 60 meters, and war memorials, which is located in the center of the National Museum of the history of the Great Patriotic War, is Soviet era-specific statuary.

Golden Gate
Through the Golden Gate, Zoloti Vorota, you can enter the city. The Golden Gate was built in the 11th century by Prince Yaroslav the Wise and reconstruction of the Golden Gate of Kiev described by Mussorgski, which currently serves as a Museum, but the ruins of ancient Kiev Golden Gate are included on the list of UNESCO World objectives.

TV Tower (vezha Televiziyna), which is not accessible to tourists, is the tallest Tower in metallic grating in the world.

The monastic complex Pecherskaya Larva (Lavra Cave) comprises of more than 100 buildings, workshops of painting and tailoring for priestly, museums, caves, and in the center you can visit the Cathedral of St. Sofia and St. Michael's Cathedral, built by Prince Sviatopolk in 1108.

St Sophia Cathedral
Independence Square (Maydan Nezalezhnosti) is important because of the political events of the 2004 Orange Revolution to Yuschenko's supporters. In the Independence Square is the Ukraine Shopping Center, a giant underground mall.

Mariyinsky Palace, built in neoclassical style, is the official ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine.

The Aviation Museum, which is located within the airport Zhulyany, exhibits impressive war planes.

Other tourist attractions of Kiev: Kiev Opera House, the National Museum of art, the National Museum of history, St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, Botanical Garden Gryshko etc.

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