Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top Destinations in France

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Thanks to the diversity of its tourist attractions, France attracts millions of tourists every year: modern cities, luxury resorts, historic monuments, works of art, natural beauty, an internationally famous gastronomy, fashion, shopping, etc. Below are listed some of the top destinations in France.

1. Cities in France

The most interesting cities to visit in France are Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Bordeaux, Avignon, Dijon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Saint Tropez.

The main city to visit is Paris, but others should also be visited on long trips all over France or in the gastronomic holidays such as tours to wine cellars.

2. Mont Saint-Michel

A special destination in France is Mont Saint-Michel. It is subject to half-day excursions or a full day for those passing through Normandy. The island is particularly attractive for tourists due to its rich history, beginning in the 6th century BC and especially due to its spectacular panorama.

3. Notre Dame de Reims

The Cathedral of Reims is one of the most important religious buildings in the world, being visited by approximately 500,000 tourists a year. Declared UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cathedral is known especially thanks to the crowning of the Kings of ceremonies that have taken place here.

4. Monaco

Principality of Monaco is a temptation for all tourists who cross the coastal zone of France. Its rich and famous inhabitants, civilized and groomed places, and its natural beauty are just some of the attributes of the Principality.

5. The French Alps

In the French Alps is Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, with an altitude of 4808 meters. Many tourists come to mountain resorts here to ski and to enjoy a holiday in nature. Valleys, lakes and forests here are particularly beautiful. The most known mountain resorts have pretty high prices, but well worth it.

6. The Castles of the Loire Valley

The castles of the Loire Valley can be visited only partially, but there are many tourists who choose to spend their vacation here. Chambord is the best known of these.

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